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I came to Ida crown 3 years ago from Hillel Torah. With this great Jewish background I helped start the S.H.E.M.A. club, students helping encouraging and motivating another. What inspired me to start this club was the great and inspirational Rabbeim at this school. I remember sitting in my freshman year classes 2 years ago and listening to the Rabbeims’ love for Torah and Gemara, that is what inspired me. Today I will be speaking about what we, the Ida Crown students, do in the S.H.E.M.A. club. The S.H.E.M.A. club was created to increase the Jewish activities around the school and help students reach their full potential by getting other students to help them. It will also improve on some of the activities already at the school, by making the activities more meaningful. Each grade has two representatives. The representatives will be promoting Jewish activities and hearing the opinions of other students.

To start off with some of those amazing ideas people have helped come up with, here they are:
1. A Maariv minyan right after school.

2. A morning minyan at a Buckingham pavilion nursing home everyday for students to attend to help make davening more meaningful for the residents and for themselves.

3. A 9am Shacarit minyan on Sunday at Congregation Or Torah with a dvar Torah and breakfast after.

4. A promotion of the ShabbosPproject at our school.

5. A partnership with the Kollel to bring Fighting Terror with Torah. This initiative encourages students and faculty to learn 2 mishnayot in the zechut for Israel.

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