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Moments of connection between our dedicated faculty and our students happen everyday at the Academy, and once in a while we get to hear about them. Speaking at our Get to Know the Academy admissions event, parent and admissions chair Miki Schreiber told the following story about a ninth grade Gemara shiur.

Throughout the semester in honors Gemara with Rabbi Turoff, boys in the class–which include Schreiber’s son, Ezra–asked the rebbe to hold shiur in Dunkin Donuts. Insisting that you can’t hold class in a Dunkin Donuts (and freshman can’t drive!), Rabbi Turoff never acquiesced to relocate.

Some of the boys, however, held their own review lesson together at Dunkin Donuts, studying for their final exam and sent the rebbe photos of their study session. Within a few minutes, Rabbi Turoff drove over to the Dempster shop to join the boys in the review.

Only at the Academy.

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