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dannypicRabbi Kroll has been one of the best teachers I have ever had and one of the most charismatic. Sometimes the most dynamic teachers are those who have as much fun teaching the material, as the students have learning it. And I can assure you, I enjoyed learning it.

Rabbi Kroll’s Chumash class was not your typical Judaic Studies class. Unlike other teachers who often focus on older commentaries, Rabbi Kroll is always thinking of unique ways to appeal to his students, teaching us also about modern rabbis and their views on the Torah. His angle was always different and his perspective is unique.

Judaic studies classes have always intrigued me, and Rabbi Kroll knew the perfect way to communicate the material to his students. Each day, I looked forward to coming to school and was always ready and excited to learn. Even though our Chumash class met 1st period, which could have potentially been a drag, everyone was eager to learn. Starting off school with a stimulating and upbeat class was crucial to setting the right tone for the rest of our day.

Rabbi Kroll found the most suitable position for himself: teaching teenagers. He is a great role for young students and is very relatable. Even though Rabbi Kroll has only been a teacher at ICJA for six years, he is also an ICJA alum (class of 2001). His past experiences mirror our current ones so he understands our position and perspective. No matter who the student may be, Rabbi Kroll can engage him in a discussion or conversation. Whenever I have a problem, Rabbi Kroll has been able to help me find a solution to my problem. Knowing that Rabbi Kroll came from a similar background as most of us was very reassuring and offered us great support.

As the juniors venture into their fourth year at the Academy, Rabbi Kroll has always been there for us, every step of the way to give us advice whether it be about school or even just life.  For this, I am thankful to him, as he has been an invaluable mentor to me. We all wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

By Seth Wasserman (Class of 2015)

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